CCS News & Updates Jan 2016

It's been too long since my last update, but I have been waiting for the "makeover" to our website to be completed. We went live with our updated website on January 2nd and our new enhancements include much easier viewing on smart devices, a complete product listing, a new company logo, and an easier format [...]

CCS News & Updates September – October 2015

It is always nice when you can combine work and pleasure.  CCS was lucky enough to be asked to participate in the 2015 State of New Mexico Hot Air Balloon Festival in Albuquerque, NM from October 3 through the 11th. Around 550 pilots, from 17 countries participated in this year’s Balloon Fiesta. International balloons enjoyed their [...]

CCS News & Updates July & August 2015

Think about how many more ways we have to communicate now that incorporate live video into the conversation: from FaceTime on our smart devices to Skype to other video conferencing systems. It is not enough to just be heard, but now we can be seen as well. This visual addition certainly makes the conversation a [...]

CCS News & Updates June 2015

Summer is officially here in Texas, but that has not slowed down our work at CCS.  Although we always love getting new customers, there is a great sense of satisfaction when you have repeat business with an existing customer.  In June we had the privilege to deliver new Mobile Emergency Response Center (MERC) satcom trailers [...]

CCS News & Updates April 2015

2015 has already been a busy year for CCS. In March we attended the International Wireless and Communications Expo or IWCE Conference in Las Vegas, NV with IP Access International. The Conference is a great opportunity for manufacturers and customers to get together and see some of the latest innovations in radio, wireless, and satellite [...]

CCS News & Updates March 2015

As many of the existing mobile command center trailers deployed around the country get older, they require a physical upgrade and technology refresh to keep them operational and to provide their users a more modern work environment. That is really not any different than a remodel of an older home where that shag carpet and orange colored drapes are [...]

CCS News & Updates Jan 2015

January 2015 has been our busiest month since our inception 8 years ago in terms of product delivery in a single month. Through our partnership with Chilcott, Inc and Miguel Ameigeiras, our presence in South America continues to grow. In early January, a team from Chilcott, IP Access, and CCS traveled to Lima, Peru to do [...]

CCS News & Updates

As 2014 closes out, we have a lot to be thankful for at CCS. First and foremost is the ongoing support of our customers and their continued show of confidence in our Mobile Emergency Response Centers and our ability to deliver a quality product. Our expansion and presence in other countries continue with recent projects in [...]