Did you know that, according to the CDC, there were over 20,000 workers within the private industry who experienced trauma in 2018 due to nonfatal workplace violence?

Additionally, due to these incidents, 21% of workers affected had to stay away from work for 31 days or longer to recover.

Considering these statistics, it’s important to have the right emergency strategies in place to keep your staff safe, such as a mobile emergency response system.

This is especially the case if you work in law enforcement or the government.

But is a mobile emergency response system right for you? It is because of its benefits, which we’ll cover in this article.

Finally, you can keep your staff safe. Read on to learn more.

Safer in Many Situations

If someone in your office is in danger—for example, someone’s come in with a gun—this can make it difficult to call up security or the police. However, with a mobile emergency response system, all the person has to do is quickly alert the app.

Then, the emergency response plan will come into place immediately so that people can be out of the way of immediate danger as soon as possible.

More Flexibility

Because mobile emergency response services are directly connected to mobile phones, they provide more flexibility. Instead of having to work with fixed landlines, this solution is app-based and you can use it anywhere there’s cell phone reception.

Less Expensive Than Traditional Emergency Response Services

In the past, if you wanted an emergency response system that would automatically connect to an emergency response team when the alert came through, you would have to set up hardware for the emergency response system.

This could be costly, given the cost not only of hardware but also of installation. Fortunately, with a mobile emergency response system, all you need are mobile phones and a subscription to the service.

Location-Based Features

Many mobile emergency response system services will have location-based features. As a result, mobile command centers will always have the data needed to find the person who is in danger. This can be especially useful if there’s a situation where it isn’t possible to verbally relay information to emergency responders.

This will also be safer for your staff if they’re out in the field. It will be easier for them to call back-up and be found even in the event of not being able to communicate by the backup team.

Two-Way Communication Support

One of the problems with traditional emergency response systems is that one can send an alert to the command center, but there can’t be much communication coming back in. However, the more information someone in an emergency has, the better.

By providing two-way communication support, a mobile emergency response system makes the communication of this information possible.

Additionally, a mobile emergency response system makes it possible for important information to be communicated to people outside.

For example, if there’s a danger in a building, those about to come in who would have placed themselves in danger can be notified immediately by those in the building about the threat.

Need More Information?

Now that you’ve learned about the benefits of a mobile emergency response system, you might need more information. Maybe you want to learn about other safety-related technology you can use. Or maybe you want to find the right mobile emergency response service for you.

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