Although CCS was very fortunate to stay busy during the COVID-19 outbreak of 2020, it did create a lot of challenges for us and continues to do so. Like so many other manufacturers, our employees have to sometimes work together in very close quarters which means we really have to be careful with monitoring their health and well being. We have had two positive tests for COVID and one of our employees was in the hospital for a week before they were able to recover. We continue to have employees that have to miss work as a precaution because a friend or relative has been exposed or tested positive. Combine the missed work hours with the broken supply chain right now and it has caused some delays in our production schedule. Fortunately our customers have all been very understanding because they are obviously aware of what is causing all of this. We are all in this crisis together and no one is untouched so we just need to stay the course until the vaccines have been rolled out and we can finally put this crisis behind us.

Wrapping up construction on new MERC for TX DPS.

I have mentioned in other posts that a trend in the mobile command center market right now is customers requesting smaller more deployable units that do not require a CDL license to drive or a large truck to tow. CCS has recently completed several projects for customers that reflect this more tactical style unit. Texas DPS has had CCS build a MERC 26 foot drive away unit based on the chassis of a Freightliner truck that has an automatic transmission that any of their Team Leaders can drive. Fort Bend County has had us build two MERC units based on the body of a Ford 2020 Transit Van with a high roof and extended body. US Army North had us build a MERC 18 foot box style bumper pull trailer that can be towed by a F250 or similar style truck.

Two new MERC emergency response vans for Ft Bend County.

In addition to our MERC build outs, we continue to push out Mutualink especially in our home state of Texas. CCS was recently awarded a contract with the Texas National Guard to install Mutualink at Camp Mabry in Austin, Texas to support the thousands of Soldiers around the State. In addition to the core Mutualink system they have also contracted to have the Panic Button application activated for 30 of their larger locations and to have CCS work with Rave to install the Rave Mass Notification System. This Mass Notification system will allow them to quickly send out information to all of their troops in multiple formats – text, email, voice call, etc.. and this system can prompt the soldiers for a response to verify their condition. The intent of all of this it to use technology and communication equipment to help keep our soldiers and citizens as safe as possible. Much more on this project in coming months.

US Army North new MERC.

CCS is under contract with Vetted Security for multiple MERC trailers, Odessa Police Dept., FEMA, Texas A&M University, and several more. We expect 2021 to be a stellar year for us as we move past COVID-19 and get back to a more normal work environment. Please contact me directly with any questions.

Gary Collins – CEO